Emmanuel Okechukwu Achuism also known as EOA  is one of the fast-rising photographers in Nigeria, I had to interview him because of his work, Which is really beautiful and artistic. I know as you read you will love his work as much as I do.

When did you start photography and what inspired you?

I started photography properly in the fall of 2014.For me there was no major inspiration to pick up the camera it was coincidental.I asked my dad for a video game console for Christmas and he got me a point and shoot camera which I got addicted to.

Did you ever have setbacks and how did you pull through?

I’ve had setbacks like every other person, The two major setbacks being Academic and financial setbacks. While in school, it was very hard to balance my studies with my photography I gave in totally to photography because I was more interested in it, I read photography books and saw a lot of online tutorials and tips and I did all this when I was meant to be studying school work.While financially, photography is an expensive hobby and it’s taken a lot of sacrifices to get gear for my work, I once sold my phone to get lights Lol.

I’m sure you have critics, how do you handle them?

That’s enough punishment critics, I handle critics by doing my thing how I want to.

What do you love most about photography?

The fact that photography can be used as a tool to project thoughts, moods, and emotions.

What would you say to people that see you as a mentor?

I’d say that they should not see being better as a destination but as a journey.

Now that you know more about him, take a look at one of his many series “Quiet

Very cool right! Well, that’s all on Emmanuel Achuism I know you were inspired. You can check his Instagram page for more amazing pictures I know you will love them.

Instagram: wavelrnt

Bye for now…


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