Olasubomi Adebayo Disu also known as Subomi the photographer is one of the young photographers and writers in Nigeria. After looking at his work I had to interview him.

When did you start photography and what inspired you?


I started photography in 2014 and I was inspired by the fact that immediate sets before me always had a photographer in their midst, so I decided to be that photographer in my set. Then I also had an older friend (tse) that was into photography, his works motivated me.

What do you love about photography and writing?

Generally, I love the deep things of life, the good and the bad I don’t write often but when I do I try my best to communicate my thoughts, for photography I love graphics, I love creativity, putting things together, something different and deep.

Did you have setbacks and how did you pull through?

Yeah, I did, I started with a ‘semi-pro’ camera, I used it for two years before getting a professional one. I was in my last year in high school so I didn’t really have the time to be creative with my pictures. So it just attracted criticism, but I’m that type of person that gets motivated by criticism, especially the ones that aren’t constructive.

How do you deal with critics?

I set high standards for myself, I thoroughly assess my work before I decide to release it to the public, it helps reduce the number of critics.

Do you have anything to say to upcoming photographers out there?

Be exceptional, be creative, diversity is key.

Take a look at the self-discovery series by subomi disu


Self-discovery (1/3)

People still stuck in quandary. Indecisive as to who they want to be in life. And some are forced by their parents to spend more than 20 years trying to be who they aren’t. Parents picking their future career for them all in the name of flaunting that their child as one of the top professionals in the country, neglecting the child’s ability and happiness. Growing up to wallow in self-pity for choosing a career they don’t love. Regret is a prodigious feeling. An emotion intertwined with depression. Don’t let yourself be another soul roaming around the crust of the earth, find yourself. Find what you love. Follow that which you love. Get the knowledge you need in what you love doing and wealth would follow. Your happiness should be your priority.


Self-discovery series (2/3)

That moment you realize what you’ve been working on isn’t what you love, use both feet, hit the brakes, and set free. Retrace your steps and ask yourself ‘who am I?’

These words may seem little but within holds a lot of related questions complex to the average human understanding. You see, that moment you keep pondering on this question, I pray. you discover what you love. Cause what you love defines who you are, it brings out the passion in you, that passion like no other. When you finally find your true self, teach yourself how to be the best at it or find someone else better than you to lead you to the right path. The only limitation to finding yourself is you, the people who made a difference in this world are those who weren’t scared of taking risks. Don’t be scared to pursue what you love. Always set goals, strive to get better. Not necessarily better than others but better than who you were a day ago. On your road to discovery, I hope you find what you seek. The ball is in your court; it has always been. Discover yourself


Self-discovery (Finale)

I guess it’s time to round up. There would be a point in your life where the extent of your abilities would come as a shock to you. When you look in the mirror, do you see someone in you greater than you could ever imagine? If you do, I applaud you for that. If you don’t start believing in yourself, you would hardly find people who would. Pick yourself, dust yourself up, and invest in yourself. Invest your time and all other resources in yourself. And finally, your dreams would become reality. Become your own king.

Discover yourself.

You can follow him on

Instagram: subomi.thephotographer

Twitter: @shawntobs

Well, that’s all I have on this wonderful photographer/writer sorry for the really long post. I hope you got something from this post that can help you to discover yourself, thank you for reading

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