Most of us today have planted different ideas of what makes us happy and these ideas have really stuck with us.The truth is when you can pinpoint what makes you happy you can add more of it to your life.

I had the opportunity to ask people about what makes them happy and this were their answers:

  • Onome said, “Money makes me happy when I have money I am happy”.
  • Nora said “Money of course”.
  • Nnaya said, “I am happy when the people I love are happy”.
  • Anthony said “Basketball, music and plantain”.
  • Aob said “Money”.
  • Simi said, “Money makes me happy”.
  • Sultan said, “I’m happy when people I love are happy and when I am doing what I love”.

looking at this answers, the majority believe that money is what makes them happy. In my opinion, money doesn’t give happiness it only adds to your level of happiness but it doesn’t cause it directly. I agree that, in some situations, money can make people happy, that’s if their happiness depends on material goods. Someone may have a lot of money and feel miserable for many reasons. I am not saying that money is not important. In our society, we need money to survive, but it can not be the focus of our lives. We all have our opinions.

A lot of things make me happy, but here are a few things i believe make me happy :


Most of the things on my list can’t be gotten without money, food can’t be gotten without money, you can’t travel without money, you also can’t shop without money. So I guess in a way money brings happiness.

Do more of what makes you happy to be happy.

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Thanks for reading!



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