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Aminu Maryam is one of the young graphic designers in Nigeria. She is also a rapper and an aspiring Basketball player. Being a female who is making waves in this different areas I had to interview her. She is one of my favorite graphic designers and I know as you read you will love her work as much as I do.


What is your full name and what do you do?

My Full name is Aminu Maryam, I’m a graphics designer, Rapper, and An aspiring Basketball Player.

What inspired you to be a graphics designer?

A while ago I wanted to drop a cover for a song that I did. And I wanted a really good artwork for it, in my mind, I’m like who do I even know that does this type of stuff? so I decided to learn it. So I started and I realize I wasn’t half bad. My brother was who really taught me all I know. He’s an amazing artist and we are close so it was easy for me to learn it.

So basically your music led you to graphics designing?

Yes, it did. And I get better by every single piece I make.

How long have you been rapping?

It has been 5 years now. Mostly freestyle ciphers for fun cause I never had enough time to put out a track until now anyway.

Who’s your favorite rapper?

Young M.A because she has changed the game and she is the most original person I know.

Let’s talk about basketball, how many years have you been playing?

6 solid years.

Wow, who taught you how to play?

I first started myself at the age of 11 then our school got us a coach, then we got to play. Then, later on, I developed the rest myself

Who’s your favorite basketball player?

Hands down it’s Nneka Ogwumike

Did you face any challenge in the area of graphics designing, basketball, and rapping? If you did, how did you deal with them?

In basketball, there are a lot of challenges. I don’t joke about the game because it’s something I see myself doing in the next 5 years as a full-time career. When I first started I was in an all-girls school so there weren’t many challenges. And I was natural at it so being the best was easy yo. But then I changed school s and I was the only girl who could play. I was kicked off the court for not being “Good enough” or because “I’m a girl I can’t be playing with boys”. Oh Lord, how that shit angered me. I saved up money bought a ball and some new gear and I worked hard to be better. And I did become better. Way better than I thought I would be.  I still do ball handling in my room every night before sleep. I got better than all those boys. Nothing pushes me to work harder more than anger. And nothing makes me angrier than sexist comments. Call one of those boys now I’ll school them anyway.

I have no fear in my rapping. Basically, it’s just art. I let it express myself. Just like Graphics design.

I think the only challenge in Graphic design is when your customers undervalue the prices. They think it’s easy but it’s not. My prices are not as high. And I hate it when I agree on prices with you and then when it’s time to pay up you’ll remove like 1k or 2k from the pay. That’s disrespectful. Someone did that to me, he pleaded that he didn’t have 1k to complete it and out of human compassion I said fine. Next thing I saw him like 20 mins later buying drinks and Pringles. Stop lying now lol.

How do you balance graphics designing, rapping, and basketball?

Basketball is a career to me so it’s at the top and after my studies, it’s my priority. Rapping is to express me. Rapping depends on my mood. Sometimes I stop everything I’m doing if some mad bars pop into my head. So basically it isn’t as complex to me. And I always plan myself. When I’m not on the court, I’m finishing some Graphic work to earn that money. When I’m not doing any of those I’m resting Lol.

Now that you know more about Aminu, take a look at some of the designs she has done:

This is my personal favorite


Very cool right! Well, that’s all on Aminu Maryam I know hope you were inspired. For more Information:

Instagram: click here

Twitter: click here

if you want her to design something for you, you can message her on any of the platforms above.

Thank you guys for reading! don’t forget share!



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