Hello everyone and Welcome to my blog. Today’s post is going to be on Sodia Ayomide who is popularly known as Seyi Classic. He is a Nigerian Youtuber, Content Creator, Student and an aspiring actor. He is one of my favorite YouTubers so I had to interview him because of how fun and interactive his videos are. Check out my interview with him below:



What is your name and what do you do?

Hiya, My names are Sodia Ayomide Oluwaseyi Oladimeji Yusuf. I am a YouTuber, content creator, Student and an aspiring actor.

Why did you become a Youtuber?

I became a YouTuber because I needed a platform to express myself more .. I am a talkative and I’m also very opinionated. I found YouTube to be a platform for me to voice out different things that people can learn from and be entertained And I’m also a very big fan of YouTube in general.

When/how did you start and what inspired you?


My YouTube channel was created in 2015. That was when I developed my passion to start a channel. It took me Two years to think about it, work on myself, on my craft, what I wanted to put out there I just took time out to really deep it basically and I started my channel officially on the 11th of February 2017! I had so many inspirations, from watching top YouTubers, getting different ideas that I wanted to put out I was excited!!!

What do you love about Youtube?

I love the fact that it’s a platform that I can connect with so many people from different parts of the world and to also promote myself and my brand.

Are you interested in anything else apart from being a Youtuber?

Yes ke. I hope to become an amazing Biomedical Scientist one day, An Actor and also a TV presenter Insha Allah.

How do you handle critics?

Favourite question lol Like I said, it took me two years before starting my channel. Within these years, I thought of all the comments I could possibly receive like 😂 I thought of it all and tried not to care or be moved by any knowing I’m in this for the long run. In general, since I started I’ve received mostly good reviews And I try not to let any negativity get to me 😊 Positive vibes Ambassador.

What is your goal professionally?

My professional goal is to become a biomedical scientist, a consistent Youtuber and also kick off my acting career.

You recently won 2 awards at the NTCAs and you also hosted, how did you feel?

Yes, I did!!! I was overwhelmed! My categories were really tight and I really did not expect to win both but all I can say is Alhamdulillah God is great!!!! And in terms of hosting, it was a really nice experience being my first gig in Nigeria! I was happy people enjoyed the show.

Is there any upcoming video we should look out for?

Yes, there is! Ask Dr Saka is finally coming to YouTube! It is one of my highly requested content and I’m excited and can’t wait to see how people accept him!

Who is Dr Saka?


For some people that don’t know who Dr Saka is …. he’s an alter ego of mine that is great with advice and he’s already known on my Snapchat where people send in their questions and he’s always available to give them answers✨ I also have various contents planned and I’ll just tell you to wait and be amazed.

Do you have anything to say to upcoming YouTubers out there?

If I was to advise any upcoming Youtuber like myself I’ll just say, Consistency is key You have to be ready to put in work YouTube requires a lot of attention to details so get ready and don’t forget to have fun while doing it!

That’s all on this interview, Take a look at some of my favourite videos from his channel below:


Well, that’s all on Seyi Classic. I know that when you watch his videos you will understand why I love this channel so much. He is a very fun Youtuber and you should definitely look out for him. You can contact him through:

Instagram: click here.

Twitter: Click here.

Snapchat: seyi_classic

To subscribe to his channel click THIS.

Thank you so much for reading and also I want to say a big thank you to Ayomide for this interview. Don’t forget to comment, like and subscribe (by clicking the follow button).

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