Hello everyone and Welcome to my blog. Today’s post is going to be on Daniel Okah who is popularly known as Daniel Avery. He is a Content Idealist, a Freelance model, and a creative director. I had to interview him because of how creative, challenging and inspiring his concepts are. Check out my interview with him below:



What is your name and what do you do?

My name is Daniel Okah Avery. I’m a concept idealist, a freelance model & a creative director

Why do you do what you do?

Basically, because of passion but more importantly, it’s a way of me expressing my feelings or emotions, people use music, art etc. God blessed me with a creative mind & so I use concepts to express my opinions, feelings or sometimes communicate to people.

When/how did you start and what inspired you?


I started April 2016 when a close friend of mine, Ayoola okubule knew about my passion & then introduced me to a photographer; I was quite shy on the day of the photo shoot, that I would admit but then it all worked out well.

What challenges do you face or have you faced?

In terms of what inspired me. To be honest I never thought I would be a model, if you told me I would be a model five years ago, I will probably laugh but then I realized I wasn’t half bad & with the backing of my best friend, close friends & family, they inspired me more to express my emotions/feelings through concepts .Well, it hasn’t been easy balancing my academic life & doing this. I attend the University of Lagos & we all know how stressful that school can be or a university generally. For instance, I got invited for a job interview by 10am & then I also had a compulsory test by 10am. It wasn’t easy in terms of choosing. And also being a creative director was challenging for me, I haven’t quite succeeded a lot in that aspect tho. It’s one thing to have a concept & another thing making your colleagues see it. You need to understand the people you’re working with to lead them.

What do you love about your work?

I love the fun in it but basically, I love how my work has made people smile, inspired people & also challenged people.

What do you dislike about your work?

Haha, it could really be stressful, finding location & all.

How do you handle critics?

Well, I need critics, I love critics.😂 That’s the only way I can get better. So I handle critics quite well. Critics are important.

Professionally, What is your goal?

My goal is to be a distinctive creative director & my concepts impacting lives worldwide. That when people see a particular picture, they will say this is Daniel Avery talking to them.

Is there anything you would like to say to upcoming models and creative directors out there?

I strongly advise them not to give up & have faith in God, challenges are going to come up but then it’s just a phase.

That’s all on this interview, Take a look at some of his concepts and pictures below:





Well, that’s all on Daniel Avery. I hope that after this post you will understand why I love his concepts so much. You should definitely look out for him. You can contact him through:

Instagram: click here.

Twitter: click here.

Thank you so much for reading and also I want to say a big thank you to Daniel for this interview. Don’t forget to comment, like and subscribe (by clicking the follow button).

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