Hey everyone! Welcome to my blog. Today we are going to be taking a look at a few friends I think most people have. Friends are people you select based on shared values, experiences, interests and beliefs. There are some people who are your friends that you didn’t even select it just happened. It’s important to surround yourself with friends who know the whole you when you maintain friendships from different stages of your life, you are able to express more of your real self.

  • The friend you’ve known longer than you’ve known yourself (The Best friend): This is a friend you can never form for. They know you better than you know yourself and accept you unconditionally no matter what.
  • The emotional friend: This is the kind of friend that is very expressive, very open about their feelings and they always cry easily (for no specific reason). The kind of friend you can’t watch the fault in our stars with and they always encourage you to be emotional too.
  • The intelligent one: This is the friend that knows a lot about everything which is really nice but sometimes they make you feel dumb. But it’s good to have an intelligent friend around to inspire you to learn more.
  • The Hungry friend: If I am being honest I am this friend. Any activity I want to do with friends I always take food along even if it is to the Gym loll. But what can I say Food is life.
  • The broke friend: This particular friend is always broke every time you see them and you have to accept that you are their personal bank. Thankfully they always pay you back, even if it is months afterward.
  • The Funny friend there is nothing nicer than a friend that makes you laugh every time even when you are down. They always bring a joke out of everything (I am definitely this friend). Another good thing about a friend with a great sense of humor is that they always have warmth and compassion to spare.
  • The loyal friend: This kind of friend is the best! This is the friend that you can trust with everything like your deepest secret and she won’t share it with anybody. They always have your back no matter the situation you are in.
  • The Honest friend: This is a very important friend you should have. A friend that can tell you the truth at all times. Like when you ask if what you are doing is right or wrong, an honest friend will tell you the truth. This is the kind of friend that challenges you in all areas in other for you to educate yourself more.
  • The Fun friend: This is the friend that introduces new ideas and activities that can lead to having fun. This is the kind of friend that can convince someone that can’t swim to enter the swimming pool just to have fun.
  • The Inspiring Friend: This is a friend you should definitely have, they inspire you to do more. I have a friend like this, her pep talks make me feel more hopeful about myself and my future. She makes me more eager to achieve my goals or just keep tackling me every day.


Well, these are the friends that I think most people have. I am ending this post with this:

Everyone can’t be your friend. Just because they hang around you dosen’t mean that they are your friends. People pretend well. At the end of the day, real situations expose fake people, so pay attention.

what kind of friend are you? You can drop your comments below. Thank you for reading!

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