Good day, and welcome to Lamina’s Thoughts. Hello, I’m David Cromwell from Thoughts of Cromwell. For those of us who haven’t heard of my blog, it’s a home of poetry, art and life advice, you’d love it. So Precious and I decided to talk about a topic that we were sure you’d love….. It’s on being single, so all you single pickles out there might want to stick around for this one, I’m going to be giving my side of this topic that is, I’ll be giving a guy’s angle of being single. How we feel, letting you know it’s ups and downs, overall I’ll be teaching you guys how to be single. And for ladies out there, you could use this as a guide to know what to search for when you’re looking to pick one out of the single guy’s squad. And the next post would be on my blog, as Precious be giving a girl’s angle on being single. One thing is for sure, you’d want to stick around for this series of posts.

So its time for guys. To us, single guys, being single is something we could write a book about. We sure know that feeling, telling jokes to our friends we wish we could tell a girl, not any girl, our girl. We all have that picture of a female resting her head on your shoulders or hearing about how girls drive other guys crazy and you envying that tiredness that those guys complain about(funny right?). Wanting to hold hands with someone, wishing for someone you could be weak in front of, and then wishing for someone you could seem like Superman too ( don’t blame us, our minds are complicated). Wanting to have one face you just look at and smile cause she melts your heart every time, and this one fills you with pride cause you actually got the girl. And let’s not forget the single guy’s ultimate wish, that Miss perfect could just appear and take all the stress away, someone you could show off to your friends and girls that said no to you and be like “heh! in your face” and so on.. These are some of the numerous feelings we get from single guys… Some of us were reading this and thinking “Men, that’s me right there”. Yeah, don’t worry I get you but this is not what this post is about. It’s not to let you feel bad about being single, it’s to let you see the golden opportunity you have that you haven’t noticed all this while.

Let me give a personal experience, something you can all relate to (besides who doesn’t like a good story). With this story at intervals, I’ll be pointing out things that we single guys do, that we shouldn’t and some things we should. So I’ve been single for a while, should be about 2 years now since a girl has worn the label of “David Cromwell’s Girlfriend” but throughout this period I’ve been inclined to multitudes of girls😂😂 like I’m not even joking. Which brings me to the first mistake we make as single guys… And that is “We are never truly single”, some of us never have this period of clarity where we have no one on our minds, just us, we are always trying to impress someone, trying to fill up the voids of our loneliness with someone, so we are never single, to begin with. So the question is “Are you truly single?”. Being single should be a period to be you, single means one, not 10 people on one person’s mind, just one.. Have you been one?
Let my story roll on. So, for the past 2 years, it’s been this girl to another just because I wanted to fill up a void. And that brings me to my next lesson, that is, no one is a void filler. The most important part of being single many people miss is that it’s the chance you get to learn to fill your voids, by yourself, alone! No one could do that for you. It’s when you learn to deal with your insecurities, your loneliness, where you learn how to be the company you need. Come to think of it, if you can’t keep yourself company, how would you ever be good at keeping someone else company.
But let my story roll on, I later met the perfect one but she wasn’t the “perfect one”😂. What am I trying to say, over time, being single let me discover myself, some would I grew, I feel I just found out more of myself. And then I realized the perfect one wasn’t the perfect one I imagined at the beginning. I thought looks mattered so much but as I grew I realized all I really needed was her soul. I don’t mean to sound like the grim reaper😂😂 but to me, anyone could be the gifted beauty but your soul is what you work for. So I found that person, my current best friend, some say it spells danger, well we’ll find out in the future.

But overall, this post is to let you see that being single is a blessing in disguise. You’ve been gifted time, the currency of life, to learn to discover you, the most important person in your life. You’ve been given the opportunity to learn to secure your insecurities, learn how to be the best company, to really grow as an individual. .So stop wasting time feeling alone and trying to fill up your void and start “Me 101”. In “Me 101”, you’re the lecturer and student, discover yourself and love everything you find. And when you learn to love yourself, then and then alone can you learn to love someone else.

I hope you gained from this post. If you have a comment, the comment box is and will always be yours. And for those us who liked this post and want to hear more from this stranger😂, click here to get to my blog, there’s more where this came from. And to read the female part of this post, just click here to read it on my blog.
Have a beautiful day.

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