In this life, I have come to realize the true importance of thoughts. Every day we imagine and think about things and ideas although some things we imagine are just weird and uncalled for. A normal human being has as many thoughts as required in a day and it differs from the thought of another person, my thoughts are different from yours but it’s our job to combine our thoughts into something exceptional and creative. Most of us have random thoughts and opinions about things that happen and take place around us either by a person or a natural element. I am at the stage of my life where I have realized that all action result from thoughts, so it is thoughts that matter, never suppresses a generous thought, every thought we have is creating our future and that a man is a product of what he thinks and what he thinks he becomes. This is exactly why I created this blog, to share thoughts that I have about what goes on in my life every day and as someone on said to me “change your thoughts and you can change the world”.

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7 thoughts on “MY THOUGHTS

  1. Lovely blog and post about everything 🙂 Nice pictures !
    Welcome visit my blog it would be nice to hear what you think about my blog and my music 🙂 See you
    Many Hugs MInikeGirl


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