Hey you! Welcome to my blog. If this is your first time here Welcome and if this isn’t your first time Welcome back. This is the first post in the new year (Happy new year!!) and it’s going to be a feature on a brand called Kanem which is owned by Francine Ekanem and I am going to be switching it up a little with an interview with Francine so that you can know how this brand started and what it is all about. Check it out:


Introduce Yourself?


My name is Francine Ekanem and I am from Akwa Ibom state, I love to do a lot of things but the major things I love doing are sewing and fashion design. I study Microbiology at Babcock University.

What is Kanem all about?

Kanem is my creative outlet, it is a platform I use to bring my ideas to life. Kanem is basically the physical manifestation of what goes on in my head. Right now it is a clothing line but in years to come I don’t just see it as just fashion brand for me it is based on growth which means that it grows with me. As I grow my perspectives change, my priorities change and Kanem is going to be a reflection of my growth. Kanem is all about self-discovery, most people think its just an Ankara brand and that is mainly because we started with Ankara brand and that was because I was drawn to it but right now I am in love with African prints. I am really confident in African prints but little by little I am going to be diversifying.

When/how did you start?

I started December 2016 when I was in my first semester in school. I used to sew clothes at home and put down my designs but I didn’t know I could start a brand then little by little people will see my clothes and they always said, “Francine can you make this for me” Doing those things made me see the business part of it. So Kanem didn’t just drop out of nowhere it was developed into what it is today.

How did you come about the name Kanem?

It was derived from my Surname which is Ekanem I just silenced the E and that was what inspired the name “Kanem”.

What inspired you to start Kanem?


Besides my love for arts and fashion design which is my drive. What inspired me to go into it as a business were the people I met in my first year of school. I met fellow people in my age range that had their passions. Especially one person I met that pursued his passion with determination and it fueled my determination. Basically, that is what kept me going every time I doubted myself.

What challenges did you face or have you faced?

The main challenge I have is that is that is hard to find reliable labor. I used to sew for my brand but due to higher demand, its hard to keep up and also school is a major challenge because I cant sow in school. It’s all about finding a reliable network of tailors.

What should we expect from Kanem this year?

We are stepping into the more glamorous and mature approach to things because our previous collections have been colorful on the casual side, we definitely going to explore a bit in that. I am really excited and you should be too. Just expect a lot of Glam.

That’s all on this interview, Take a look at Kanem:

That’s all I have for you on the Kanem brand by Francine Ekanem it is a brand that I really love and you should definitely check them out. For more information contact:

Mail: kanembrand@gmail.com

Instagram: click here

Phone: 09056851216

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