Hey you! Welcome to my blog. Today, I am talking about finding your passion. A lot of people say the phrase “follow your passion” and I feel like that is really bad advice because how am I supposed to follow my passion when I don’t even know what it is. That is why I am going to help you find out how to know you have found your passion and what to do when you find your passion. Here are a few tips I have that I believe can help you during the course of finding your passion:

  • Don’t ever assume your passion should be your job: There are a lot of things worth doing that will never bring you money. If you can’t imagine doing something, it’s a passion. It doesn’t have to be a moneymaker.
  • Work out what you hate doing: List the things you absolutely hate doing. Once you have eliminated those things, your true passion may become more clear.
  • Create something new: the secret to finding your passion is to create something new. When you create something new, you’re inventing something to be passionate about,
  • Try visualization: Imagine yourself getting up early, jumping out of bed, excited about doing what you love. That helps in finding your passion.

Personally, it took me a long time to find my passion I had a lot of things I loved doing but that didn’t mean all those things were my passion. It’s possible to have a lot of things you are doing that excites you but there is always this one thing that brings joy to your soul. Now how do you know your passion is your Passion. Take a look at some tips:

  • It makes you happy
  • You feel inspired
  • You’ve stopped wondering what your passion is
  • You just know
  • You feel connected

When you have all these things checked on your list you will definitely know that you have found your passion. When you have a passion you have to make time to follow it. When I found out I had a passion for blogging at that time I was just graduating from High School and I didn’t even know what to do or how to do it but as time went on I learned and followed that passion to where I am today. So I just want to share a few tips that can help you when you want to follow your passion:

  • Always stay true to yourself: Always do what you love. Don’t change when everything is not going well.
  • Let go of fear: Fear is just a buzz killer. It can make you miss a lot of opportunities because you are afraid of passing the first step. For you to follow your passion you need to take leaps of faith.
  • Forget about money: Don’t ever make money your first priority. When you are passionate about something you do it because you love it and then you can later figure out how to earn a living from it.
  • Be patient: Life will do funny things to throw you off course, but you have your entire life ahead of you to pursue your passion. Things don’t have to happen right away. Take care of the current situation, keep moving forward each day, and you’ll be happy where you end up.
  • Don’t get so caught up in your passion that you neglect the other important areas of your life: Passion, that fire that burns brightly inside us, can push us to greater heights. But it can also consume and destroy. Leading a well-organized life will make it easier to appreciate your passion and share it with the world than locking yourself away to pursue a single purpose.
  • Ask for help from people have gone through what you are: Often we feel like asking questions is a sign of weakness, like we’re admitting our own ignorance but actually, we are admitting a willingness to learn and displaying humility.

These are the tips that I feel can guide you to follow your passion. Take a look at this quote by Oprah Winfrey:

Follow your passion. It will lead you to your purpose.

Being passionate about something is a quality that a lot of people need to have and I believe that this post has helped you figure out how to find your passion and how to follow it.

Thank you so much for reading. Don’t forget to drop comments and share.👋👋


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