Hey you! Welcome to my blog. This is my second feature this year and it’s going to be a feature on a brand called Arabesque which is owned by Chinasa Reagan and I am so sorry the post didn’t come earlier February is just moving too fast. So basically, Arabesque is a crotchet brand that is all about creativity, fun and chic. I am a big fan of this brand because of the creativity, art, and dedication behind it that’s why I had to interview the mastermind behind it to find out more about this exquisite brand. So take a look at my interview with Chinasa so that you can know how this brand started and what it is all about. Check it out:


Introduce Yourself?

My name is Chinasa. I am a Nigerian from Abia state. I am a medical student at St George’s University Grenada and I love Crocheting.

What is Arabesque all about?

I am going to describe my brand in three words:




When/how did you start?

I officially started last year, My mum crochets so she taught me.

What inspired you to start arabesque?


I had a lot of free time and I made a top and put it on Snapchat and I had a lot of messages from people saying they would be interested if I opened a store. I inspired myself because crochet has always provided me with a sense of accomplishment to be able to create things out of yarn.

How did you get the name Arabesque?

Well, After I decided that I wanted to have a brand I started looking up names. I was going to use Nasa but I think we know the reason why I can’t do that. So I started looking for synonyms of crotchet, what crotchet meant in other languages and stuff and that’s how I got it.

What Challenges did you face or have you faced?


I have faced a lot of challenges from opening the store, shipping, branding, customers but I mean like any start-up business will face challenges but if anything, those challenges have been really good learning experiences for me.

Do you make the products yourself?

Yes, I do it all by myself.

Would you like to work with people in the future?

I’m always looking forward to more collaborations. It could be any startup creative like me. It could be a clothing designer, photographer, stylist, creative artist, whoever.

What should we expect from Arabesque in 2018?

A lot.

Well, that’s all on this interview, take a look at some pictures from Arabesque:

Taken by the creative photographer from Grenada Careem Gilbert





That’s all I have for you on the Arabesque by Chinasa Reagan it is a brand that I really love and you should definitely check them out. For more information contact:

Email: crochetbyarabesque@gmail.com

Instagram: click here

Twitter: click here

Facebook: click here


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