Hello! Welcome back to my blog. I know it has been long since I posted I am so sorry I couldn’t update my blog this month school was really stressful and I didn’t really have time but I am back and I am better with a new feature on the photographer Oluwapelumi Andikan who is an exceptionally talented photographer that I have been following for a few years now. He has worked with a lot of artists and covered a lot of events and I really want you guys to know more about him because his picture are really extraordinary, they are the kind of pictures that you see and it just makes you say WOW! (You can call them WOW pictures). I am a big fan of his work because of the creativity and art behind it, that’s why I had to interview him behind it to find out more about how he is what he is if you know what I mean. So take a look at my interview with Oluwapelumi who is popularly known as Andikan so that you can know how he started and what his work is all about. Check it out:


Introduce Yourself?


I’m Oluwapelumi Andikan Edwin & I’m 20, socially awkward which makes me wonder how I’m surviving in this photography world. I’m Nigerian even though I hate the fact I’m Nigerian just not a lot I can do about this.

What is your work all about?

My work is basically all about me without showing me only a few know what I look like which I love, makes me feel so comfy.

What made you go into photography?


Basically, I started by playing around with Picasa and stealing my mum’s compact camera to take pictures of my environment. I always loved a nice depth of field so I always practised that with lizards and inanimate objects which I did shoot for about 6 months if you think I’m lying check my Tumblr but you gotta dig deep to see ‘crayon boy Andikan‘.

What part of photography are you more passionate about?

I’m very passionate about boudoir photography but I’m in an environment where its quite difficult to meet someone who will be ready to pose nude or almost nude but my biggest dream is to travel around the world to shoot different naked women.

What equipments do you use?


I use a Canon 5d mark 2 & an iPhone 7 for the meantime.

Does photography affect your school work?

I’m a graduate I got no school in my way at least until I decide to go back for my masters.

Do your parents support your work or did you have to rebel?

Well, I had my parents backing I still do, but the support I got wasn’t what I’ll have expected but I’m grateful and they know this is what keeps me going and what stopped me from asking for money at a young age so they are cool with what I do.

Do you collaborate with other photographers?

Oh yeah, I do, anyone interested in collaborating should send me a mail.

What challenges are you facing or have you faced?

IMG_20180401_103835The only challenge I have right now is probably getting clients to pay me on time & more support.

How do you handle critics?

Critics, to be honest, I don’t get critiqued lowkey I feel a lot of people are scared to talk about my work.

What advice do you have for people that are going into your line of work?


The advice I have for people going into photography then, just enjoy the process and don’t rely on editing but it’s essential to know how to edit.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I’ll be lying if I told you where I see myself in the next 5 years but I know I’ll be happy with life.

That’s all on this interview with Andikan:


Pictures from the Homecoming concert:





Well, that’s all on this Interview with Andikan and by looking at all those pictures I am sure you can agree that he is really talented and you should definitely check them out. For more information contact:

Email: click here

Instagram: click here

Twitter: click here

Tumblr: click here

Thank you so much for reading! If you like what you just read drop a comment below and don’t forget to share and subscribe. See you next time!



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