Hey guys! How are you doing today? Today’s post is going to be about things I learned from last semester. First I would like to announce if you don’t know already I’m in my FINAL YEAR

And I would like to say that 4 months in school is not easy at all not to talk of 4 years and if I am being truthful this was probably my worst semester ever since I have been in school but what kept me going was the fact that I kept telling myself “You have one more year to go” 😂. I can’t even count the number of times I said

“I want to drop out”

The reasons for my sadness this semester are too much to start listing but even In the hard and bad times I still survived and I learned a lot of things which I am going to share with you out of the kindness of my heart 😊:

  • Without God you will just be sad: this is something that Isn’t really New to your ears probably but I can’t stress how important God is in the life of a student. There are sometimes that I just feel sad about everything and I pray to God and this element of happiness just fills my soul if you know what I mean. God is a really important factor for your survival.
  • Never Give up: This is one thing I believe most of us find hard to do. The Art of not giving up is something that few people have. I cannot even count how many times I gave up this semester but the funny one that happens to me Every semester is when I have been attending 7am classes for like half the semester and one morning I just tell myself “What is the point” and I go back to sleep and I miss the class (There goes my perfect attendance record) but as time went on I realized that when you give up on something it has a lot of consequences.
  • Sleep is the devil’s personal equipment: mehnn this semester was so hot and stressful that I allowed sleep get the best of me. After a hot day I get back to my room and I take a little nap (emphasizing on the little) only to wake up the next day and I have a lot of things to submit that day but because of sleep I wake up extremely late and there is no time to do anything. It’s good to sleep but don’t allow it get the best of you.
  • Quality talks with your roommates are the best: This is one of the things I always looked forward to after a long day. In my room, we always had this kind of little talk every chance we had. It was like our very own Bkchat I actually really learned a lot of things that have changed my life for the better from those little talks.
  • Pulling all-nighters all the time is bad for your health: All-nighters are really good in helping you cover what you need to do right before a particular exam or quiz butt it becomes bad when you pull an all-nighter and during the day you are like the walking dead. I remember one time I went all night reading and during my exam, I started falling asleep it wasn’t funny at all. Don’t be like me, read and get enough sleep.
  • People are just naturally toxic: I am guilty of giving toxic people more chances than they deserve. This semester the Lord opened my eye to the toxic people in my life. Sometimes we misjudge people and have too much hope that they’ll be able to change. it’s better to cut those people out of your lives. You’ll take time to recover but eventually, you’ll get there.
  • Its normal to make bad decisions: There are a lot of decisions I made this semester that I totally regret with every bone in me but what can I do being sad about it won’t change anything. Bad decisions are part of life so don’t be ashamed if you mess up. What’s important is that you learn from your mistakes and mature from them.
  • Some of the bad decisions I made helped me make good friends: This is evidence that shows that in every bad situation good can always come out. I made a lot of friends in the process of fixing my mistakes which from my point of view was a blessing.
  • Don’t be afraid to try again even when you fail: This is not easy to do at all but you can make it. Imagine pulling an all-nighter for a test and you end up getting 2/10 your will to learn will just reduce to 1% but that doesn’t mean you should give up on the other tests you will still have. You have to try your best with the next one and you will definitely do better.
  • Don’t ever talk about tests/exams straight after: Please don’t ever do this you will regret it Talking about the tests and exams straight after usually makes you second guess yourself and feel guilty about the questions you got wrong. If you don’t get that feeling of self-doubt, you still shouldn’t compare with friends, because you might make them feel bad without meaning to. Immediately after an exam I always run to my hall or I flee from any appearance of evil (1 Thessalonians 5:22) 🙂

Well, these are the major things I learned from last semester I am going to write a post on how to prepare for next semester (Anticipate that). Thank you so much for reading you can also share what you learned in the comment section below (Let’s see if we learned similar things). Don’t forget to share! bye

14 thoughts on “10 Things I learned Last semester

  1. This was really helpful and I agreee, people are naturally toxic.. it is your life and you should decide who has access to it.


  2. I really enjoyed this post. Especially the part about not giving up. It’s super important especially when you have zero zeal to try again. Keep it up!
    I’m anticipating the next post 😊😊


  3. 😂 all these tips are so relevant, I used to have bkchat talks with my roommates and I didn’t really learn anything from them but I used to go my friends rooms a lot, it really helps with stress etc. I think procrastination is another bad thing.. never leave something for the next day or in the next one hour because at the end of the day you’ll be doing it on the due date lol.


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