Hello! Welcome back to my blog. I know it has been long and that is because I had to deal with writer’s block for a while and I also didn’t really have time because of stress from work but thanks to God I am back with a new feature on the fashion and portrait photographer Oreoluwa Ibitayo who is an exceptionally talented photographer that I have been following for a few months now. I really love her because of the creativity and the ideas you get from her pictures. As a very curious cat I had to interview her to know more about everything she does, so take a look at my interview:


Describe yourself and what you do?

WhatsApp Image 2018-07-04 at 11.32.18 PM


I’m Oreoluwa Ibitayo. I am a fashion and portrait photographer. I consider myself as a visual storyteller. I make use of natural lights and angles in a way that is uniquely mine. I also try to understand my subject & connect with them which make my pictures play to their greatest strengths.

Which three words describe you best?




When and how did you start?


It started as a hobby in secondary school. we had this photography club at my secondary school so I joined & then I began taking pictures during school events. When I entered university I wanted to take seriously so I started doing it professionally.

What/who can you say is the inspiration behind your work?


I find inspiration from my role models like Ty Bello & other photographers in my line. I research also. I feed my mind with pictures every day.

What do you love about your work?

The fact that it evokes all kinds of emotions when people see it.

What equipments do you use for your pictures?


I use a reflector & Canon EOS 700D

Does photography affect your school work?

Well not really, in school I shoot on Saturdays preferably in the morning so I can do other stuff.

Do your parents support your work or do you have to rebel?

They support me a lot. like a whole lot. my dad got me my first camera in year 11, anytime they see my pictures they keep on gassing me up like “did you take this?” “omds your pictures are so nice” and stuff.

What challenges do you face or have you faced?

The challenges I’ve faced are well a lot. For me, it ranges from lack of recognition to creativity block to not giving up.

Out of all your pictures, is there a particular one you just love that Every time you see it you are just really impressed with yourself?


Yes, this picture because it shows my growth.

What is your dream project?

To work for big brands in the fashion industry & take beautiful portraits of people with unique qualities.

What’s your goal professionally?

My prices to match my picture quality i.e. when clients ask how much I charge and I tell them the price and show them my portfolio, they won’t be shocked or scared away.

So far what is your greatest achievement?

Well overcoming each challenge & not giving up.

Have you collaborated with other photographers?

well, not yet but I hope to.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

A top fashion photographer & a visual effects director.

Is there anything you would like to say to upcoming photographers out there?


Don’t give up.

It may seem like your work is trash but it isn’t.

You have no idea how many people lurk on your work.

Feed your mind.

Don’t get discouraged.

Keep on creating.

Collaboration equals multiplication.

That’s all on this inspiring interview with ore. Take a look at her pictures:


Well, that’s all on this Interview with Ore and just looking at all these pictures you can see the passion she has for her work and even the extraordinary talent she has. You should definitely check her out, collaborate with her. For more information contact:

Email: click here

Instagram: click here

Twitter: click here

Thank you so much for reading! If you liked what you just read drop a comment below and don’t forget to share and subscribe. See you next time!

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