Hey, guys welcome to the beautiful month of August, how was July for you? Well, It was really good for me actually and it was also really fast. No matter how July went it is a new month which also means its an opportunity for new beginnings. I’m kick-starting this month with Today’s post which is kind of special because it’s about mobile games which we all play or have definitely played at some point in our lives. I am going to be basically talking about some particular games that were so popular but now people hardly play them sadly.

I thought about this post while I was at work (not playing games of course). I started remembering all the games for some weird reason and It was funny how I used to be so in love and obsessed with these games and I felt they deserved a post of recognition, I also wanted to see who else played it (If you ever played these games please specify which in the comment section below). Okay, let’s begin.


  • Temple Run: this game was just crazy, if you were not playing temple run then please come and explain what happened to you. It was one of the most popping games on play store and the app store at that time. It had three parts I think (Temple run 1, Temple run 2 and the one Disney went to make) my favourite was definitely Temple run 2. My highest score if I remember correctly was probably 10 million (The MVP of the Lamina House lol) mostly because I wasted a lot of my parent’s money on buying GEMS. I also loved the fact that I could change characters too. Which temple run was your favourite?


  • Subway Surfers: I played this game to the point where I actually learnt the song lool. It was such a fun game, I remember me and my friends taking turns to see who will get the highest score in the game lool. If you didn’t play subway surfers I can forgive you because behind every none subway surfer player there is a story and don’t worry I understand.


  • Flappy bird: OMIGOD this game. If you didn’t play this game you are luckyyyy. This game brought out the anger in me that I didn’t even know I had every time I lost because I was always so close to getting the high score. If I remember correctly the game came out when I was in secondary school and it was like the whole school just went crazy in a way when it came out. Everyone wanted to get the highest score in the flappy bird because it was so hard. I remember someone in my class feeling like the king of the game because his highest score was 12 lool can you imagine.


  • Candy Crush: There was candy crush saga, candy crush soda. I recently deleted this game actually because it’s still fun to play but really annoying to lose (like really) especially when you have one Jelly left. My mates were on leave 382 I was still thinking of how to pass level 33. It is a very fun game if you are winning but when you are losing you just get annoyed (That’s actually how I deleted it).


  • Piano tiles: This game was so funnnn. People always did competitions for who will touch the white tiles first and it also had different levels and the music was also fun to sing along to.



  • 4 pics 1 Word: I played this game till the end and by the end I mean until my phone stopped working that time and I think I got to level 1000 before I stopped playing and I remember I did like only 300 levels myself the rest was just cheating honestly because my brain was just too tired honestly.

These are the major games that used to be so popular (some are still popular actually). I feel there are other games, you can add more games in the comment section below because I feel I am missing a few games and also drop a comment if you played these games and felt all the emotions I also did too. Before you leave let’s play a little game, can you solve the 4 pics 1-word puzzle below:


Share your answer below and see if you get it. Goodluck and see you next time.


  1. Lol
    I still play temple run and I feel the exact same way about candy crush, I almost cracked my phone screen because of it and I swore i’d never play it again. And you forgot about the most popular now Word Cookies!


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