Hey you! welcome back to my blog, it’s been long since I posted and I just want to say welcome back and of course Happy New Month!!! Today is the first day of the month of September which is also my birthday month (Just thought you should know) and I would also like to announce that this is my 40th post on my blog

yes that’s right 40 posts (Amazing right) I never really noticed that I had posted that much 😊. Today’s post is basically like a spin-off of my previous post “10 Things I learned last semester” where I talked about a few lessons that I learned from my last semester in school. First of all, this summer wasn’t really a holiday because I worked throughout (Internship) and I still managed to have a little fun but still the stress I faced was just on a totally different level. Even in all the stress,  I managed to take note of a few things that I felt I needed to share. So here are the things I learnt this summer:

  • Lack of confidence is very bad: This is something that I have a lot of issues with. I don’t like talking honestly and at my place of work I always sat on my chair and only stood up when I wanted to use the toilet, it got to a point where someone at my office came to me and said “hi, do you ever talk” and at that moment I realized a lot of people there thought I couldn’t talk for some weird reason. Even when I entered public transport I would prefer to misplace than to ask people for directions (Yes it was that bad).
  • Nigerians are Wild! I can’t really explain what I mean by this because If I start explaining I’ll need like three posts for all my stories. I really understood why people say “You can never be a good driver if you can’t drive in Lagos”. You just need to know now before its too late that Nigerians are wild!
  • When you are working for your money you learn how to spend it wisely: This summer was all about my internship honestly and the majority of the money I had was from it and all of a sudden I became a very cheap person unexpectedly. The way I spent money suddenly changed, little amounts became big in my ear because I didn’t feel I needed to spend the little money I had on things that I didn’t need.
  • We need to appreciate our beds more: Our beds really deserve some accolades honestly I finally understood the feeling of having a very stressful day and getting home to find this comfy and soft platform waiting to help you relax. Trust me beds are heroes.
  • Podcasts are really good: I recently started listening to podcasts this summer and I fell in love with them. I started listening to Jesus and Jollof by Luvvie Ajayi and Yvonne Orji. That podcast opened the door to many other podcasts that have really helped me a lot. You should try podcasts too!
  • “We’ll definitely link up this summer” is a BIG scam: This probably doesn’t apply to everybody but personally I remember saying that particular line to a lot of people and we never actually linked up but that’s life actually. The sooner you start to recognize that its a scam the less time you waste making promises.


Well, these are a few things I learnt this summer. In celebration of my 40th post, I am going to be selecting my top 5 favourite posts and I would also love to know your favourite too (Drop yours in the comment section). So out of all my posts, my top 5 are:

How to get over a Breakup

Detoxing Negative people

What makes you happy?

Be Yourself!

10 Tips for Overcoming Fear

I had a lot of fun when I wrote these posts and If I were to pick my all time favourite it will be Detoxing Negative people because It wasn’t easy writing that post and I had to think a lot to make the post readable I am happy I finished it. Sadly this post marks the beginning of my break from blogging

Don’t worry I’ll be back in December with more interviews, topics and amazing updates for you guys. Thank you so much for reading! Till next time 👋.

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