Heyyyyy, its been so long since I posted and I have to admit that I really missed writing and posting every week but this year was a really busy year for me. I had to juggle a lot of things which made it hard for me to keep up with my writing schedules so I just decided to take a break to handle other things but I am happy I finally posted this before the year ran out. I found myself looking for a particular topic to write about before the end of the year and I was sitting, thinking about all the things I am grateful for that happened to me this year and I felt I needed to share them with you guys and also to hear what you are also grateful for. 2018 was a great year if I am being honest, it had its ups and downs but in the bad times something good still happened which made the bad situation better. I am grateful for a lot of things this year but some major things I am grateful for are:

  • Life: I can’t thank God enough for life to be honest. This year was a very stressful year, I had a lot of near death experiences but I am still here. Its all God, there are lot of times that I look back at a lot of things that happened and I can’t really explain how I survived them but I just thank God for life.
  • My Internship: this year I did my internship and it was wonderful. At first I was really afraid of the idea of entering a company where I didn’t know anyone because at that time I wasn’t really a confident person. The more time I spent there helped me build my self-confidence in a lot of areas and I am extremely grateful for that.
  • Friends: this year was a great year of friendships. it really opened my eye to see who my friends were, who my enemies were and that was wonderful. I am really grateful for all my friends especially the new ones I made because they helped me a lot this year in so many ways I can’t explain.
  • Surviving the first semester in my final year: This semester was probably one of the worst semesters ever since I have been in school, it was so bad that at a point I literally wanted to cryyy because a lot of things were just going wrong but I just want to thank God because I survived it (it wasn’t easy but I made it).
  • Opportunities: This year really gave me so many opportunities both the ones I asked for and some that I didn’t ask for. These opportunities gave me the assurance that 2019 is going to be a wonderful year and I am really grateful for everything.

This is just a short list of things I am grateful for, if I decide to list everything this would be a very long post. Well its 2019 tomorrow and I just want to say happy new year in advance and I hope its going to be a great year for everyone. But before the year runs out you should think about the things you need to leave in 2018, its not all about cutting people off every time, you also need to look at things in your personal life that you need to cut off in order to build yourself. You can read my previous post on people and things you should let go of before the new year and I hope it helps you. Well this is the end of this post and I’ll like to know what you are grateful for in the comment section below

Thank you so much for reading my posts this year! see you next year.


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