What are you grateful for?

Heyyyyy, its been so long since I posted and I have to admit that I really missed writing and posting every week but this year was a really busy year for me. I had to juggle a lot of things which made it hard for me to keep up with my writing schedules so I … Continue reading What are you grateful for?


Hey, guys welcome to the beautiful month of August, how was July for you? Well, It was really good for me actually and it was also really fast. No matter how July went it is a new month which also means its an opportunity for new beginnings. I'm kick-starting this month with Today’s post which … Continue reading MOBILE GAMES THAT USED TO BE POPULAR

10 tips for unlocking your inner creativity

Hey, guys welcome back to my blog its been long since I wrote a post like this and I am sorry about that but I am back. Today, I am going to be giving helpful tips for unlocking your creative mind to produce new ideas for innovation. Creativity is basically using original ideas to create … Continue reading 10 tips for unlocking your inner creativity

OPERATION SMILE: Charity Program

Hey guys, Welcome back to my blog. Last time I talked about my playlist for this summer and today we are going to be talking about a charity program that is coming up on July 28th called "OPERATION SMILE" which is a charity outreach by the "Give to Live" organisation. Give to Live is a … Continue reading OPERATION SMILE: Charity Program