Oluwapelumi Andikan Edwin

Hello! Welcome back to my blog. I know it has been long since I posted I am so sorry I couldn’t update my blog this month school was really stressful and I didn’t really have time but I am back and I am better with a new feature on the photographer Oluwapelumi Andikan who is an exceptionally talented photographer that I have been following for a few years now. He has worked with a lot of artists and covered a lot of events and I really want you guys to know more about him because his picture are really extraordinary, they are the kind of pictures that you see and it just makes you say WOW! (You can call them WOW pictures). I am a big fan of his work because of the creativity and art behind it, that’s why I had to interview him behind it to find out more about how he is what he is if you know what I mean. So take a look at my interview with Oluwapelumi who is popularly known as Andikan so that you can know how he started and what his work is all about. Check it out:


Introduce Yourself?


I’m Oluwapelumi Andikan Edwin & I’m 20, socially awkward which makes me wonder how I’m surviving in this photography world. I’m Nigerian even though I hate the fact I’m Nigerian just not a lot I can do about this.

What is your work all about?

My work is basically all about me without showing me only a few know what I look like which I love, makes me feel so comfy.

What made you go into photography?


Basically, I started by playing around with Picasa and stealing my mum’s compact camera to take pictures of my environment. I always loved a nice depth of field so I always practised that with lizards and inanimate objects which I did shoot for about 6 months if you think I’m lying check my Tumblr but you gotta dig deep to see ‘crayon boy Andikan‘.

What part of photography are you more passionate about?

I’m very passionate about boudoir photography but I’m in an environment where its quite difficult to meet someone who will be ready to pose nude or almost nude but my biggest dream is to travel around the world to shoot different naked women.

What equipments do you use?


I use a Canon 5d mark 2 & an iPhone 7 for the meantime.

Does photography affect your school work?

I’m a graduate I got no school in my way at least until I decide to go back for my masters.

Do your parents support your work or did you have to rebel?

Well, I had my parents backing I still do, but the support I got wasn’t what I’ll have expected but I’m grateful and they know this is what keeps me going and what stopped me from asking for money at a young age so they are cool with what I do.

Do you collaborate with other photographers?

Oh yeah, I do, anyone interested in collaborating should send me a mail.

What challenges are you facing or have you faced?

IMG_20180401_103835The only challenge I have right now is probably getting clients to pay me on time & more support.

How do you handle critics?

Critics, to be honest, I don’t get critiqued lowkey I feel a lot of people are scared to talk about my work.

What advice do you have for people that are going into your line of work?


The advice I have for people going into photography then, just enjoy the process and don’t rely on editing but it’s essential to know how to edit.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I’ll be lying if I told you where I see myself in the next 5 years but I know I’ll be happy with life.

That’s all on this interview with Andikan:


Pictures from the Homecoming concert:





Well, that’s all on this Interview with Andikan and by looking at all those pictures I am sure you can agree that he is really talented and you should definitely check them out. For more information contact:

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How to know you are in a toxic relationship

Hey guys, Welcome back to my blog. Today I am going to be talking about toxic relationships and how to know you are in a toxic relationship. First of all most of us don’t know what toxic relationships are. I am just going to keep it simple by saying that a toxic relationship is any relationship that is unfavorable to you or others. The foundations of any relationship, healthy or not, are mostly established on mutual admiration or respect but in time can become really unhealthy. Toxic relationships can prevent those involved from living a productive life. There’s nothing wrong with admitting a relationship has run its course. Even if you can’t see your life without that person, with time and distance you’ll be able to see the relationship for what it is: Extremely Toxic. Take a look at a few things you will see in a toxic relationship:

  • Negative energy: It’s all about negativity all the time. Negativity can drain you mentally, physically and emotionally and you are forced to deal with this every time.

  • You’re not yourself: When you are in a relationship change is definitely bound to happen but that type of change is meant to make you a better version of yourself. When you start feeling like you are losing yourself or you don’t recognize who you are anymore then it’s not healthy.

  • Criticism and contempt: No one is perfect, and the closer you become with someone the obvious their imperfections become. Criticism is good when it comes from a positive place but when it is used to express hate for someone else, it can make the person feel worthless which makes it hard for a relationship to come back from that.

  • Arguing without communicating: It’s natural to get upset and argue but if there is no communication nothing will be solved.

  • You’re just not happy anymore: It isn’t compulsory to expect to be happy in every moment of your relationship but as a whole this person is meant to make you happier. He or she should make you feel supported and capable of doing whatever you want to do. But if you don’t have that, is it really worth it?

These are just few things I feel makes a relationship toxic. One thing you should know is that people who are toxic are rarely aware of their own toxicity. They are too self-absorbed and preoccupied with their own emotions and needs to be aware of the needs and emotions of others. Toxic relationships are:

Unfavorable Unhealthy Hazardous

Don’t worry this is just the tip of the iceberg in the second part of this post I am going to talk about how to get rid of toxic relationships which I feel you should do. Thank you so much for reading if you like this post share and comment below. Don’t forget to subscribe by clicking here. BYE 👋

Chinasa Reagan: Arabesque

Hey you! Welcome to my blog. This is my second feature this year and it’s going to be a feature on a brand called Arabesque which is owned by Chinasa Reagan and I am so sorry the post didn’t come earlier February is just moving too fast. So basically, Arabesque is a crotchet brand that is all about creativity, fun and chic. I am a big fan of this brand because of the creativity, art, and dedication behind it that’s why I had to interview the mastermind behind it to find out more about this exquisite brand. So take a look at my interview with Chinasa so that you can know how this brand started and what it is all about. Check it out:


Introduce Yourself?

My name is Chinasa. I am a Nigerian from Abia state. I am a medical student at St George’s University Grenada and I love Crocheting.

What is Arabesque all about?

I am going to describe my brand in three words:




When/how did you start?

I officially started last year, My mum crochets so she taught me.

What inspired you to start arabesque?


I had a lot of free time and I made a top and put it on Snapchat and I had a lot of messages from people saying they would be interested if I opened a store. I inspired myself because crochet has always provided me with a sense of accomplishment to be able to create things out of yarn.

How did you get the name Arabesque?

Well, After I decided that I wanted to have a brand I started looking up names. I was going to use Nasa but I think we know the reason why I can’t do that. So I started looking for synonyms of crotchet, what crotchet meant in other languages and stuff and that’s how I got it.

What Challenges did you face or have you faced?


I have faced a lot of challenges from opening the store, shipping, branding, customers but I mean like any start-up business will face challenges but if anything, those challenges have been really good learning experiences for me.

Do you make the products yourself?

Yes, I do it all by myself.

Would you like to work with people in the future?

I’m always looking forward to more collaborations. It could be any startup creative like me. It could be a clothing designer, photographer, stylist, creative artist, whoever.

What should we expect from Arabesque in 2018?

A lot.

Well, that’s all on this interview, take a look at some pictures from Arabesque:

Taken by the creative photographer from Grenada Careem Gilbert





That’s all I have for you on the Arabesque by Chinasa Reagan it is a brand that I really love and you should definitely check them out. For more information contact:

Email: crochetbyarabesque@gmail.com

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5 Things single people can do on Valentine’s day

Hey you! Welcome back to my blog. As you already know it’s the season of love and I am here to help my fellow singles out there with how they can enjoy Valentine’s Day without being in a relationship. Having to explain that you’re single on Valentine’s Day is almost worse than actually being single on Valentine’s Day.

Just because everyone around you is coupled off doesn’t mean you have to hide away in shame just because you aren’t dating someone. In my previous collaboration with David Cromwell (Thoughts of Cromwell) we talked about the whole concept of being single and how it isn’t bad. I have to admit that it isn’t actually easy to be single on a day that celebrates love but the truth is love is not just an emotion, it’s an ability to celebrate you and that you have the ability to love.
Romantic love is great actually but it’s not the only love out there, you have love for friends and family as well as love for yourself. Well, here are some tried and true tips to having a really beautiful valentine’s day:

  • Treat yourself: Go all out on Valentine’s Day just to make sure that you appreciate yourself. Self-love is something that should be celebrated. You can buy yourself cake , gifts 🎁 and other stuff. You don’t need to wait for someone to buy you flowers or expensive chocolate you can do that all on your own.

  • Celebrate Falentine’s Day: If you’re single and you have a bunch of single friends, then Falentine’s day is the best option. On Falentine’s day you are not just celebrating yourself and your friends, but you are celebrating the love you guys share. Plan something with your friends and spend the day having fun with people you love.

  • Spend the day doing what you love the most: You don’t need someone to love, so spend the day doing what you love to do. If you like sleeping, writing, watching movies and other things then definitely do all those things on Val’s day.

  • Go out: You can decide to spend your day outside your house like maybe going to a restaurant with someone or by yourself and you will definitely have the best time. But if you are like me who is in school just go to the cafeteria and enjoy yourself 😭.

  • Just ignore it: This year’s Valentine’s Day falls on a Wednesday if you are like me that finds it very odd 😂 you can just stay indoors, order some food and have a really fun time from the comfort of your bed.

There is really no shortage of things to do on Valentine’s Day if you are single trust me I just didn’t have enough time to get more points 😭. In fact, you might be better off than your friends who are coupled up. Think about it, there’s no pressure to make the day special for anyone but yourself and to make it even better no one knows you better than yourself.
That’s all I have for you today and don’t forget to treat yourself to the Valentine’s Day you’ve always deserved. Thank you so much for reading see you next time 👋👋

Finding your passion

Hey you! Welcome to my blog. Today, I am talking about finding your passion. A lot of people say the phrase “follow your passion” and I feel like that is really bad advice because how am I supposed to follow my passion when I don’t even know what it is. That is why I am going to help you find out how to know you have found your passion and what to do when you find your passion. Here are a few tips I have that I believe can help you during the course of finding your passion:

  • Don’t ever assume your passion should be your job: There are a lot of things worth doing that will never bring you money. If you can’t imagine doing something, it’s a passion. It doesn’t have to be a moneymaker.
  • Work out what you hate doing: List the things you absolutely hate doing. Once you have eliminated those things, your true passion may become more clear.
  • Create something new: the secret to finding your passion is to create something new. When you create something new, you’re inventing something to be passionate about,
  • Try visualization: Imagine yourself getting up early, jumping out of bed, excited about doing what you love. That helps in finding your passion.

Personally, it took me a long time to find my passion I had a lot of things I loved doing but that didn’t mean all those things were my passion. It’s possible to have a lot of things you are doing that excites you but there is always this one thing that brings joy to your soul. Now how do you know your passion is your Passion. Take a look at some tips:

  • It makes you happy
  • You feel inspired
  • You’ve stopped wondering what your passion is
  • You just know
  • You feel connected

When you have all these things checked on your list you will definitely know that you have found your passion. When you have a passion you have to make time to follow it. When I found out I had a passion for blogging at that time I was just graduating from High School and I didn’t even know what to do or how to do it but as time went on I learned and followed that passion to where I am today. So I just want to share a few tips that can help you when you want to follow your passion:

  • Always stay true to yourself: Always do what you love. Don’t change when everything is not going well.
  • Let go of fear: Fear is just a buzz killer. It can make you miss a lot of opportunities because you are afraid of passing the first step. For you to follow your passion you need to take leaps of faith.
  • Forget about money: Don’t ever make money your first priority. When you are passionate about something you do it because you love it and then you can later figure out how to earn a living from it.
  • Be patient: Life will do funny things to throw you off course, but you have your entire life ahead of you to pursue your passion. Things don’t have to happen right away. Take care of the current situation, keep moving forward each day, and you’ll be happy where you end up.
  • Don’t get so caught up in your passion that you neglect the other important areas of your life: Passion, that fire that burns brightly inside us, can push us to greater heights. But it can also consume and destroy. Leading a well-organized life will make it easier to appreciate your passion and share it with the world than locking yourself away to pursue a single purpose.
  • Ask for help from people have gone through what you are: Often we feel like asking questions is a sign of weakness, like we’re admitting our own ignorance but actually, we are admitting a willingness to learn and displaying humility.

These are the tips that I feel can guide you to follow your passion. Take a look at this quote by Oprah Winfrey:

Follow your passion. It will lead you to your purpose.

Being passionate about something is a quality that a lot of people need to have and I believe that this post has helped you figure out how to find your passion and how to follow it.

Thank you so much for reading. Don’t forget to drop comments and share.👋👋

Francine Ekanem: The Kanem Brand

Hey you! Welcome to my blog. If this is your first time here Welcome and if this isn’t your first time Welcome back. This is the first post in the new year (Happy new year!!) and it’s going to be a feature on a brand called Kanem which is owned by Francine Ekanem and I am going to be switching it up a little with an interview with Francine so that you can know how this brand started and what it is all about. Check it out:


Introduce Yourself?


My name is Francine Ekanem and I am from Akwa Ibom state, I love to do a lot of things but the major things I love doing are sewing and fashion design. I study Microbiology at Babcock University.

What is Kanem all about?

Kanem is my creative outlet, it is a platform I use to bring my ideas to life. Kanem is basically the physical manifestation of what goes on in my head. Right now it is a clothing line but in years to come I don’t just see it as just fashion brand for me it is based on growth which means that it grows with me. As I grow my perspectives change, my priorities change and Kanem is going to be a reflection of my growth. Kanem is all about self-discovery, most people think its just an Ankara brand and that is mainly because we started with Ankara brand and that was because I was drawn to it but right now I am in love with African prints. I am really confident in African prints but little by little I am going to be diversifying.

When/how did you start?

I started December 2016 when I was in my first semester in school. I used to sew clothes at home and put down my designs but I didn’t know I could start a brand then little by little people will see my clothes and they always said, “Francine can you make this for me” Doing those things made me see the business part of it. So Kanem didn’t just drop out of nowhere it was developed into what it is today.

How did you come about the name Kanem?

It was derived from my Surname which is Ekanem I just silenced the E and that was what inspired the name “Kanem”.

What inspired you to start Kanem?


Besides my love for arts and fashion design which is my drive. What inspired me to go into it as a business were the people I met in my first year of school. I met fellow people in my age range that had their passions. Especially one person I met that pursued his passion with determination and it fueled my determination. Basically, that is what kept me going every time I doubted myself.

What challenges did you face or have you faced?

The main challenge I have is that is that is hard to find reliable labor. I used to sew for my brand but due to higher demand, its hard to keep up and also school is a major challenge because I cant sow in school. It’s all about finding a reliable network of tailors.

What should we expect from Kanem this year?

We are stepping into the more glamorous and mature approach to things because our previous collections have been colorful on the casual side, we definitely going to explore a bit in that. I am really excited and you should be too. Just expect a lot of Glam.

That’s all on this interview, Take a look at Kanem:

That’s all I have for you on the Kanem brand by Francine Ekanem it is a brand that I really love and you should definitely check them out. For more information contact:

Mail: kanembrand@gmail.com

Instagram: click here

Phone: 09056851216

Setting goals for your lifestlye

Hey you! Welcome to this special post in celebration of Bloggers week 2017. This is the last post of the week and I am really happy to be given the opportunity to write about this particular topic. During the week, different bloggers talked about how you can build a good lifestyle from their different perspectives through topics that describe clearly some aspects you need to have a good lifestyle. This post is meant to make you realize that you can’t build a good lifestyle without being able to set goals.

Going through life without a goal is like you going on a journey without a destination. Yes, your lifestyle can be healthy, fashionably awesome, filled with relationships, very artistic but without the ability to set goals you are just going down a path without a destination. I am here to help you figure out how to set goals and reach them effectively. As you already know, 2017 is coming to an end tomorrow and a lot of people have new year resolutions also known as goals for the new year. Sincerely, most people that have new year resolutions don’t end up fulfilling it and I am actually part of those under the category of “most people”. Every year I make new year resolutions, out of 20 I only fulfill like 3.😂 That’s why we have to talk about “How to know your goal is a goal”. Your goal is a goal when it:

  • It Motivates you: This means that the goal you are setting is important to you and that there is a great value in achieving them.
  • It is attainable: This is making sure that the goal you are setting is attainable. An unattainable is also called an unrealistic goal. When you set a goal that you cant reach you are just basically wasting your time.
  • It is relevant: Your goals should be relevant to the direction you want your life and career to take.
  • It is time-bound: Your goal must have a deadline. When working with a deadline, it allows you achieve that goal much quicker.
  • It is smart: For your goal to be powerful, they should be SMART

If your goal is not any of the things listed above, is it really a goal?. I have to admit that reaching goals that you set is not easy at all. There are a lot of goals I set for my self a long time ago that I haven’t reached but as time went on I learned how to stick with a goal without losing interest or forgetting about the goal and I want to share these little tips with you hope it can help:

  • Ask yourself how committed you are: How committed are you to a goal, are you the type of person that sets a goal today and tomorrow just forgets about it. A goal needs a commitment to be achieved.
  • Devote the necessary time: You should schedule a particular time every day that is reserved for your goal and this allows you to achieve your goal step by step.
  • stay motivated and keep making progress even when you aren’t: When you set a goal it is going to be challenging but that doesn’t mean that when it gets hard you should lose motivation or give up. STAY MOTIVATED!!
  • Plan of obstacles: Achieving the most difficult goals usually means overcoming many challenging obstacles. When you take your time to think about what obstacle might stand in the way of achieving your goal you can be prepared beforehand. Although they are some obstacles that can come your way that you won’t expect but don’t worry you will pull through.

The last point up there is really important. It is something you will definitely encounter during the fulfillment of a goal because nothing in life comes easy. That’s why when obstacles come you have to be ready to do the necessary things to overcome such obstacles. One important thing I want you to know when you are setting goals is that “Make sure your goals are realistic”. A lot of people set unrealistic goals (i used to be one of them) and they ended up wasting their time trying to achieve a goal that is not achievable. I am ending this post with this quote:


Once you have the aspects of building a good lifestyle (health, relationships, fashion, inspiration) you are complete without these things your lifestyle is missing a few things. I guess that’s the end of Bloggers week 2017 edition. I hope we have given you enough tips that can help you build your lifestyle.

Thank you so much for reading and tuning in every day. Have a lit new year ✨

People and Things you should let go of before the new year.

It’s hard to believe that we are close to the last day in 2017. You may have gone through some major hurts or disappointments this past year. Now it is the time to take a deep breath, as this time beckons reflection on the emotional or physical pain or the regrets we had over the last year.We need a positive view of the future as we look forward. Yesterday will keep you hung up. While you’re stuck, you never see any happiness or progress.

Things you should let go of:

  1. Let go of needing everyone to like you.
  2. Let go of people who drain you.
  3. Let go of Self-hate.
  4. Let go of doubting yourself.
  5. Let of go of your money woes (Being broke basically).
  6. Let go of regrets.
  7. Let go of negativity.
  8. Let go of anger.
  9. Let go of relationships that bring you down.
  10. Let go of blaming others.

People you should let go:

  1. People who make your life more stressful.
  2. People who use you.
  3. People who don’t respect you.
  4. People who always hurt you.
  5. People who lie to you a lot.
  6. People who smile to your face and then insult you behind your back.
  7. people who don’t care about you, but love to pretend they do.
  8. People who drag you back into your old lifestyle.
  9. People who hold you back.
  10. People who gossip a lot.

These people drive you crazy because their behaviors are so irrational. Make no mistake about it their behavior truly goes against reason, so why do you allow yourself to respond to them emotionally and get sucked into the mix?

In this new year try your best to distance yourself from them emotionally, also try to let go of the things that hinder you. Thank you so much for reading my posts this year and I know in the new year it’s going to be bigger and better.

Happy New Year in advance!!!

10 Tips For Overcoming Fear

Getting through fear is a skill that anyone can learn.

The problem is that most people cling to their fears because it’s part of who they are. If you aren’t ready to face your fears, you probably won’t transcend them. And there’s nothing wrong in that. Everything happens in its own time. If you’re reading this post though, I’m pretty sure that you’re ready to overcome fear. To be very honest fear is your only competitor.


Here are my tips for overcoming fear:

  1. Do something. Anything. (Fear feeds on in action)
  2. Make a decision, let go of the belief that you can’t make a choice until you are certain of the outcome. (Fear feeds on indecision)
  3. Imagine the very worst thing that could happen and decide what you’d do if it did happen. (fear feeds on the unknown)
  4. Imagine the very best thing that could happen and how you’d feel if it did happen. (fear feeds on feelings of impossibility)
  5. Say, “Anything is possible”, instead of “This is not possible”. (Fear feeds on feelings of impossibility)
  6. Say,”I can” and “Why not?” instead of “I cannot”. (Fear feeds on negativity)
  7. Look for truth instead of hiding from facts. (fear feeds on lies)
  8. Embrace mistakes instead of pretending that you won’t make any. (Fear feeds on perfectionism)
  9. Take one step today instead of waiting to run a marathon tomorrow. (Fear feeds on waiting for the right time)
  10. Finally, PRAYER is key to overcoming fear. Pray to God to help you to overcome. (Fear is no match for God)

Well, these are the tips for overcoming fear and Don’t forget that faith is the antidote for the disease named Fear.

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In this life, I have come to realize the true importance of thoughts. Every day we imagine and think about things and ideas although some things we imagine are just weird and uncalled for. A normal human being has as many thoughts as required in a day and it differs from the thought of another person, my thoughts are different from yours but it’s our job to combine our thoughts into something exceptional and creative. Most of us have random thoughts and opinions about things that happen and take place around us either by a person or a natural element. I am at the stage of my life where I have realized that all action result from thoughts, so it is thoughts that matter, never suppresses a generous thought, every thought we have is creating our future and that a man is a product of what he thinks and what he thinks he becomes. This is exactly why I created this blog, to share thoughts that I have about what goes on in my life every day and as someone on said to me “change your thoughts and you can change the world”.

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