BED OF LIES by Praise Lamina

Crimson, gold, and black

Fireworks exploding behind my eyelids

Soft and velvety, breathtaking ecstasy

That’s how it feels when you smother me with your kisses

I was clinging to you for life

You held on to me tight for pleasure

I was chasing you for light

You were simply chasing another man’s treasure

In and out bargaining and sacrificing unfairly

Stuck in this tug of war I can’t win

But you got the sweeter end of the deal

While I got shards of glass where my heart is supposed to be.


LOST LOVE by Praise Lamina

Take me on a ride with you

Take me with you

Won’t you take me?

I see you know your name

I see you found yourself

I see you know yourself

I on the other hand

I’m lost and yet to be found

I know not what life is

I know nothing about what love is

I was out trying to make money

And money has made me into beast

I tried to remember where I came froI tried to get back to where I started from

But I couldn’t do it

I cried enough tears to create a flood

Life lost its colors

Food lost its flavor

My world became nothing but dull

I lost you when you meant the world to me

I lost you when you gave me meaning

I lost you when you made me feel like I could be me

But when I lost you and I lost the meaning of a lot of things

Silently hoping someone somewhere remembers me

I’m trying really hard to have a life out here without you

You should really know that I’m dying out here without you

But I can’t go a day without answering questions about us

Same way I can’t go a day without smoking or drinking

I’m lost and scared

I think I might die soon If I don’t find my way back to you

Death is scary and it hurts

But it hurts more when you miss some opportunities

Opportunities like telling you how much I loved you

Or how much I needed you

But I think I’m more afraid of dying without knowing the truth

The truth all humans die to know but never know

The truth about life, the truth about love

The truth about self-identity, the truth about happiness

I don’t know anything about these things

I need to know why you left me

Was I not good enough for you?

Or I simply wasn’t worth being with you?

Every day I wake up wanting to tell you the truth

Every day we talk I want to let you know the truth

The truth about how much I miss you and I want you

But I can’t because my pride, my ego, and my needs took over

The illegality in my veins has taken me lower

I guess being high cannot get anything less than depression.

When I let you leave I didn’t know what I was doing

But now I know and I know I lost something bigger than me

I lost you, I lost me, I lost us

I lost faith, I lost love and I lost love

But the reality of loss is…It’s bound to happen at one point in time

I embraced my loss like I embraced darkness

I still love what I lost

And when you lose so important you can spend a lifetime finding it

So long mi Corazon, I hope you find a better lover

While I’ll carry the cross of a lifetime of pain and hurt

Praying to whatever entity, deity or force

That you find your way back to me.

LOVE by Idowu Olayemi

I love a lot of things
I love the sound of chicken frying
But I love the sound of you more
I love the way black makes me wonder what’s behind it
Like the beautiful black of eyes
I Iove the feel of porcelain
But the velvet of your skin beats it

I love the taste of apple dipped in caramel
But the sweet honey of your lips have no equal
It is said to say I love you the most.

PEACE by Idowu Olayemi

What really is this thing?
Is it the absence of chaos
Or the inability to understand chaos?
Does Peace really resemble the summer field
with grass green and sky blue with sweet smelling mint
Or does it resemble a war-torn plain with the people having no worries still?
Peace! Peace!! Peace!!! We clamor for it
But what really is it?
Peace of mind. Peace of body. Peace of soul
Peace is a gift many are not privileged to have

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